Ministry of Finance
Republic Tajikistan

Seminars on "Gender and Green Energy"

From April 25 to May 5, 2018, 10 one-day seminars on "Gender and Green Energy" were held in Vakhsh and Jaloliddin Balkhi districts. These seminars were organized at the request of the heads of local government authorities of these districts. The seminars provided information on gender needs and their relationship to the use of electricity. In the case of gender needs, the "level of needs" was used, which was compiled by A. Maslow. Information on energy production was presented during the session of the “Green Energy” topic. Each type of energy produced was evaluated from the point of view of safety, accessibility and impact on the environment.

The session provided detailed information on the topic of Green Energy and the importance of using it in the household. The main topic of the seminar was the link between gender perspectives. During the conversation, the women-participants concluded that their gender status is in direct relation to and use of electricity. Rational use of energy in the household allows women to save their time, improve their health and benefit their families.

All seminars were conducted with the active participation of women. They discussed and challenged all topics. The seminars were attended by 270 representatives of local communities, representatives of local authorities and teachers. 246 of the participants were women. Seminars were held with the participation and support of representatives of local authorities of the districts.


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