Ministry of Finance
Republic Tajikistan


  1. Improving energy saving conditions in homes and small businesses in Tajikistan;

    Access to finance for purchasing “green energy products”;

    Attract Micro Finance Organizations for "green" financing;

    Widespread use, mostly by women, of green energy products such as energy-saving stoves, radiators and solar water heaters;

    Increase the participation of private sector in the use of energy-efficient products;

    The project implements lending for a number of approved products:

    Solar panels (only for lighting);

    Solar panels (lighting and TV);

    Solar water heaters;

    Energy-saving water pump;

    Wooden double-pane windows;

    Plastic double-pane windows;

    Double-pane windows on roof;

    Heat-insulating wooden doors;

    Energy-saving stoves;

    Combined energy-saving heaters/kitchen stoves;

    Energy-saving radiators;

    Combined energy-saving water heaters/radiators;

    Home improvement – insulating the walls;

    Home improvement – insulating the ceilings;

    Home improvement – insulating the floors;

    Solar flashlights/lanterns;

    LED lamps;

    Lamps that do not contain chromium;

    Water purifiers;

    Products included in the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) Project "Warm and Comfortable Home", are the identical or similar products promoted by other donors or NGOs;

    These products are included in the Habitat for Humanity (HFH) program - "Housing for Humanity" for the improvement of homes;

    These products are identical or similar (GIZ and HFH) as those products that are promoted by other donors or NGOs.



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Green financing - provides support and assistance to the population, as this program is for development and ...
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