Ministry of Finance
Republic Tajikistan

Our mission

The use and implementation of green equipment. Smart green energy offers. It is known that at present, there are many environmental challenges and every year they become more and more acute. The mission of the Project "Green Finance and access to rural finance" is not only to improve the credit system of the Republic and the facilitation of access to loans, but also introduction of green equipment to the population. The easiest way, using all available tools in order to promote the goals and objectives of the project is the following: the team of "Green Finance" is trying to convey to the public and potential sub-borrowers a benefit from the use of green alternative equipment.

For the past two years, the Project Implementation Unit is successfully working with financial institutions, which in their turn contribute funds to the population for purchase of green equipment.

PIU consists of 11 experts in various fields that monitor and follow up the execution of all tasks and the mission of the project.


A few words

Green financing - provides support and assistance to the population, as this program is for development and ...
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