Ministry of Finance
Republic Tajikistan

Steering Committee


Minister of Finance Republic of Tajikistan, Qahhorzoda Faiziddin Sattor


Executive Agency, Ministry of Finance, Karimzoda Jamshed First Deputy to the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan; e-mail:     


 Executive Agency, Ministry of Finance,Nozimov Ilhomjon, Director of PUI; e-mail:


Betty Wilkinson, Director of Public Relations, Department of Financial Sector and Trade (DFST), Department of West and Central Asia; e-mail: bwilkinson@АБР.org


Aliya Mukhamediyarova, Project Manager, Specialist of Financial Sector, Department of Financial Sector and Trade (DFST); e-mail:       


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Green financing - provides support and assistance to the population, as this program is for development and ...
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