Ministry of Finance
Republic Tajikistan

Gender Policy

The project "Access to Green Financing" has an effective gender policy.

The implementation of the gender policy is spelled out in the mission of the project and in key indicators - at least 30% of the loan recipients should be women.

This arrangement is of fundamental importance for preventing discrimination and to maintain the balance and equity in the line of credit.

To implement the gender policy of the project, various activities are being carried out, calling for the active participation of women in lending, they are also aimed at increasing the knowledge, qualifications and skills of women in working with finance.

It is equally important, to give women knowledge on the basics of clean water hygiene and its proper use. In order to increase the knowledge of women in this direction, the project conducts trainings and seminars.

During the workshops, participants are explained what smart solutions are in green energy and how to use them. These include: solar panels, solar heaters, combined electric stoves and others.

On the basis of providing access to loans on green financing, the implementation of gender policy is a new approach in projects aimed at improving the conditions of life in society.

This project is a pilot project in Central Asia. The reason for adopting this strategy is that the situation of women in households depends on access to finance and obtaining credit.



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